What Is Mattress And How Does It Work?

They have a decisive influence on our physical well-being and a sound sleep: mattresses! But often the purchase of the bedroom closets more attention paid and the mattress selected only by size or price. But according to which criteria do you choose the right sleeping pad? In any case, you should take the time as a customer and compare different mattresses before buying.

How you used to sleep

50 years ago you did not have much choice. In Grandmother's bed was mostly the hard, three-piece structure with a wedge under the headboard, which could outweigh the housewife during the spring cleaning and tap off thoroughly. Today, however, the choice is so great that you can choose from a wealth of options. You need to have the www.thebest-mattress.org/best-and-worst-mattresses in this matter.

Which mattress types are there?

There are pocket spring mattresses, latex mattresses, cold foam mattresses, water and air mattresses, futon mattresses and spelled mattresses. The list could be continued at will. So much is clear: there is not the one ideal mattress that you can recommend to everyone in unison. As different as the people are, just as different are the documents they need. Depending on the weight of the sleeper another degree of hardness is needed.

Which mattress for chronic back pain

If you already have chronic back pain or are allergic to mites, the wrong mattress will even have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, think about what is especially important to you beforehand. How high should the mattress be? At which body points should she yield? Is the cover washable and if so, how many degrees? Is the mattress tested for harmful substances? It is best to compare the different mattresses by lying sample.

One must always test a mattress

A few minutes in the shop are often not enough, but there are now many providers who deliver their mattresses to your home, where you can test them for several days.

Is an expensive mattress is better mattress

You cannot always assume that the most expensive mattress is automatically the best, but you should also not save in the wrong place and resort to any cheap offer. Because a good night's sleep and your health are too important!

Why you should go to mattress consultation

These advantages brings you a mattress consultation

Did you know that man sleeps a good third of his life? One more reason to get competent advice before buying a new mattress! Because a mattress affects your sleep quality for about the next ten years, before it is replaced by a new one. Many specialist retailers therefore ask their customers in detail in order to get an idea of ​​sleeping habits or health complaints.

A mattress questionnaire gives information

Also the so-called mattress questionnaire is a proven remedy, which helps with the selection of the new mattress. Here you can specifically choose a suitable mattress with questions about age, height, weight, sleeping position and possible clinical pictures. The degree of hardness also plays an important role in personal well-being. Most manufacturers divide their mattresses into soft, medium, firm, medium and hard grades. Mattresses are extremely important for a good night's sleep

What to do about sleeping problems

Frequent problems falling asleep, tension and also sleep disturbances can be caused by an inadequate mattress. It is therefore crucial that the mattress is tailored to personal needs.

What types of mattresses are there?

For example, today's models include the "foam mattresses". The plastic material is now free of CFCs. These mattresses are generally easy to lie because of their high elasticity. One of their features is that they give way at a weight shift more punctual than large area. Mattresses made of so-called "memory foam" distribute the pressure of the body evenly, but can restrict the freedom of movement due to resulting hollows. Latex mattresses are a product of a type of synthetic rubber.

These mattresses are flexible like foam. Natural latex mattresses are rarely offered. Here the latex is extracted from the juice of the rubber tree. The inexpensive classic among the mattresses is the rather large yielding spring mattress. Similar in construction but much more elaborately made is the pocket spring mattress. This type of mattress gives the weight mostly punctual.

Conclusion on mattress advice

The conclusion: When you buy a new mattress you should take enough time and several times "trial and error" before you finally decides. This rule of thumb serves only as recommendation and one should adjust the lying comfort, as already mentioned above, to his personal lying feeling. The degree of hardness should always be adapted to the respective person, therefore it is recommended to use two mattresses from a lying width of 160 cm.

Because partners with different body weights usually need different degrees of hardness so that an optimal sleeping and lying quality is guaranteed more about the degree of hardness .

The sleeping position

Does the choice of mattress play a role in sleeping position?

Theoretically yes! Back sleepers need a mattress, which firstly optimally supports the lumbar region and secondly allows the buttocks to sink in at the same time.

The right mattress for side sleepers, on the other hand, is a mattress that lets both the pelvis and the shoulder sink in well and also supports is area well. Whether back or side sleeper, for both it is necessary to find a mattress that receives the natural S-shape of the spine!

Choosing the right abdominal bed mattress is a tricky business, as sleeping on the stomach is a rather unnatural sleeping position and it's not easy to find a perfect mattress for just that position. In addition, body anatomy plays a major role in abdominal sleepers and you have to find (depending on gender) a mattress that sinks well either in the abdominal area or in the chest area.

Basically, however, you should take a mattress with a zonal profiling in mind, which adapts well to almost any sleeping position, as we change our position several times during sleep and not stay all night in one position.

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